How do I book a quotation and is it free?
All quotations are free of charge and no obligation. To book an appointment simply visit our contact page


How long does it take to receive quotation?
Usually within 48hrs – if we need to speak to a supplier in order to obtain the best prices we will make you aware of the delay and with time to expect to receive the quote


Will my quotation change once the work starts?
The quotation is worked out thoroughly to ensure what we quote is what you pay. The only time quotes will change is if you change your mind on materials or add work to what was previously costed.


What happens if I am happy with the quotation and want to go ahead with the work?
Simply contact us via telephone / message providing your quotation reference number. We will offer current dates we have available to complete the work quoted for. Once a date is agreed you will receive a confirmation of booking via email. We will be in touch prior to the date should we need confirmation of products to be used and to let you know what time to expect us to arrive on the day


What happens if it is raining the day work is due to commence?
Unless the work simply cannot be complete in poor weather i.e. painting / unsafe conditions – we get wet….simple as that!


When will I need to make payment for the work?
We will
require an upfront cost of 25% of the quotation as partial payment and 50% if bespoke items are to be ordered from a third party or scaffolding is required a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the agreed work commencement date. The balance is due on completion of the work and within 10 days of invoice date


Will the work completed all at once and not a day here and day there?
Yes, when working out the quotations we estimate how long each project will take to complete and provide an allowance should this go over for any unforeseen circumstances. Only under exceptional circumstances will we need to come back i.e. delay in materials being delivered – in these circumstances we will complete at the next possible date


What if there is something I am not happy with once the job is complete?
Get in touch with us! We aim to deliver an exceptional service to all our customers and leave each one 100% happy. Anything you are unhappy with let us know and we will arrange to come out and have a look and rectify as soon as possible.


I have a question that is not answered above?
Get in touch with us! Visit our contact us page and one of our friendly team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have