Artificial Grass & Turf

Whether you choose artificial grass or natural turf, grass can bring life into your garden and can open up so many options providing an outside place for children to play and you to relax


Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass…. think astro turf? Not any more – combine the natural appearance of turf with the everyday convenience.


An alternative option to natural grass with many added benefits. Say goodbye to patchy, uneven and muddy grass. Artificial grass is low maintenance and hardwearing so a perfect solution for those with pets and dread the muddy paws or those who are too busy to cut their lawn on a regular basis.


Artificial Grass provides a realistic look and is an ideal option for a clean, low maintenance garden as well as being pet friendly.


We only use the best quality products from trusted suppliers and will ensure the ground preparation is completed correctly prior to installing the grass.


It is important the ground is prepared correctly in the first instance to ensure drainage allowance by creating a sub base.


We have a range of artificial grass samples to suit different customer styles and budget so contact us today for a free quotation.


If you enjoy a natural garden and are looking for a newly laid lawn MST Home Improvements can help.


When laying new turf it is important the process is carried out correctly. Incorrect installation can result in no drainage therefore creating a boggy mess.


MST Home Improvements will ensure the ground is levelled and sufficient drainage systems in place before installing only the best quality turf to the area.


We will provide homecare advice on how you can help keep your lawn looking great!


Contact us today for a quotation, or to find out more about the grass solutions available