Why you should consider a Pergola in your garden


Have you thought about having a pergola in your garden? What purpose does it hold and what benefits can it bring to your garden and lifestyle?


Pergolas are an outdoor garden feature that forms a shaded passageway or sitting area constructed by vertical posts. Pergolas can be built in a range of shapes, sizes and styles to meet the individuals needs and preferences extending your living space.


Pergolas are both stylish and functional adding a vocal point to your garden and can act as a support for climbing plants that grow from the ground up such as grapes and vines. They can create a beautiful natural ceiling and garden in the air as they intertwine themselves.


Pergolas create a defined outdoor space whether you choose to use it to relax and unwind or entertain your friends and family. 


Pergolas allow a breeze whilst protecting from direct sunlight, adding drapes can create privacy. 


Lastly pergolas can really add value, experts believe a home with an attractive garden can add up to 20% of your homes value.


MST Home Improvements install pergolas to customers throughout South Wales and are made to measure to the customers preferred style, size and shape.

If you are considering a Pergola for your garden get in touch now for a free quotation.