uPVC Fascias

If your fascias, soffits and guttering have seen better days and your looking to get them replaced MST home Improvements can help. We can supply and install new low maintenance vPVC products which will totally renovate and help keep it protected for years to come.  

New fascias, soffits and guttering can completely transform a property enhancing its appearance and will protect walls and keep water tight, preventing moisture from accessing fabric of building.

uPVC is a popular and favoured choice for cladding, fascias and soffits due to:

Its durability and hardwearing properties will stand the test of time and unlike wood will not rot with this typical British weather conditions
Low Maintenance – no need for time consuming painting and staining, just requires an occasional clean with warm soapy water
Appearance – spruces up property, available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs including brown and wood grain finishes to suit your style and property
Helps improve a home’s insulation


Fascia boards are the straight edge of the roof that act to support the bottom edge of the roof tiles, concealing and protecting the ends of the roof rafter and help prevent weather damage to roofs. Fascias help to protectattic from drafts and keep gutters secure allowing correct drainage from roof.  

Fascias come in a wide range of colour and styles including square, bull nose and ogee to suit your style and property.


Soffits are the boards attached to the underside of the roof line with purposeto keep the underside of the roof rafters dry and secure. If the soffits deteriorate it can lead to water penetrating the roof rafter ends which can lead to serious roof damage. New ventilated uPVC is an excellent choice as they act as additional ventilation which helps prevent build-up of moisture in roof space. Without adequate ventilation, condensation will develop in the roof space increasing the risk of rotting timber joists resulting in weakening of roof structure.

If you would like a free quotation on repairing or installing new uPVC facias, soffits and guttering contact us today!