Storm Deidre – Time for a New Fence?

With STORM Deidre bombarding the UK this weekend with ravaging winds reaching excess of 65mph has your garden fence survived?

If your garden fence has been damaged or doesn’t look like it can go another round get in touch today for a free no obligation quotation. We have limited spaces left in December so don’t miss out! 

To view some of our recent fencing projects please check out our gallery! 

Why choose MST Home Improvements?


When it comes to making any home improvements it can be difficult to find a trusted and reliable company or person to complete the work to a high quality at a reasonable price.

With so many horror stories in the press and documentaries about individuals hiring people that leave incomplete work as well as unacceptable results and even unsafe work it is extremely important to choose the right service.


Why use MST Home Improvements?

Anyone or any business can tell you how reliable they are and how good their work is.  MST Home Improvements will tell you the same however we have the portfolio and testimonials from our clients to back this up! – Take a look for yourself!

MST Home Improvements provide a professional and reliable home improvement and landscape service to customers throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and surrounding areas.


MST Home Improvements provides a service founded on a clear set of core values:

Being Honest & Reliable 

Delivering Excellence

Being Accountable 

Being Respectful


For a high standard, professional service that you can trust get in touch today! 

Patio this Winter? What style is right for me?


With winter impending lots of individuals make the decision to wait until spring to renovate their garden when it will see more use. Why wait? Having a new patio installed in the winter has a number of benefits!


We have been extremely lucky with the weather this year, even though the temperature is dropping on fresh sunny days you can still make use of this outdoor space.


When the typical UK winter weather arrives there is nothing worse than muddy, soggy lawns, especially the mess it brings indoors with muddy foot and paw prints.


What’s better than feeling prepared. Having a renovated garden this time of year means you are ready for spring / summer next year and when the sunny weather strikes your garden is ready for use! 



MST Home Improvements install patios throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and surrounding areas. MST Home Improvements offer a friendly and reliable service with competitive prices and quality results. 


What patio type is right for you?

There are plenty of styles, and colours to choose from to meet your individual style. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional style MST Home Improvements can help provide you with the information you require to make the right decision and one to suit your budget.


MST Home Improvements only use trusted suppliers to ensure the products we use are of the highest quality and comply with the latest industry regulations. 


MST Home Improvements use of variety of different paving including:

Natural Paving 

Porcelain Paving

Concrete Paving

Slate & Granite Paving


Please view our services page for information on the different styles of patios


Please contact us if you would like to discuss options or for a quotation.




New Garden for 2019?

MST Home Improvements based in Barry provide a professional landscape service and home improvement service to clients throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and surrounding areas.


If you are looking to improve or give your garden a complete makeover MST Home Improvements can help!


MST Home Improvements install Fencing, Patios, Artificial Grass, Decking and much more! Please check out our services page for the full range of services we provide.


With only a couple of spaces available before Christmas we are now taking bookings for 2019, for a free no obligation quotation get in touch now! 



Artificial Grass this Winter?


MST Home Improvements install artificial grass to customers throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and surrounding areas.


So why choose artificial grass over real turf?


When people think of ‘fake’ grass the not so appealing astro turf generally springs to mind. With the demand for artificial grass becoming more popular the range has grown rapidly and the styles on the market now not only look like but feel like the real thing.


Installation of artificial grass is a quick process and if installed following the correct process can have a number of benefits compared with real grass.


With artificial grass you have an immaculate lawn all year round without compromising the look and texture of real grass.


Artificial grass is more durable and after the initial installation costs can save money in the long run.


Real grass can suffer in the hot summer months and can become straw like and yellow in colour. Artificial grass requires no watering therefore will reduce water bills and eliminate the time spent watering real grass to keep it looking good.


During the summer months our lawns can develop bald patches which gradually turn into muddy patches through constant use whereas artificial grass you needn’t have this issue.


Fed up of having a boggy, waterlogged mess of a lawn in the winter months or fed up of cleaning muddy footprints? Then artificial grass is an ideal solution for you! Not only does it eliminate muddy footprints but also saves time spent maintaining your lawn.


There is no need to mow the lawn, is easy to clean and pet friendly therefore no need to juggle your responsibilities.


If you are considering artificial grass for your garden MST Home Improvements can help. Please check out our latest artificial grass projects in our gallery or contact us now to book an appointment for a free quotation!





Update from Customer

MST Home Improvements recently installed a patio and raised sleepers for a customer in Barry.


Not only was it lovely to receive such positive feedback from the customer about our work and the service we provide but it was great to receive updated photos from the customer.


The customer had decided to stain the sleepers before putting the raised sleeper beds to use and planting some beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed whilst sitting on their new patio!


We think it looks beautiful!!! 🙂





Fencing – Protect your garden this Winter

As the nights begin to draw in its certainly starting to feel that Autumn is quickly approaching.


As we know the Autumn and Winter months can take their toll on our gardens especially with unpredictable brutal storms the UK has experienced over the past couple of years.


Fencing not only acts as a boundary to your property but also adds security and privacy to your home and garden. If your garden fencing has seen better days and doesn’t look like it can go another round with storm Aileen let MST Home Improvements help!


MST Home Improvements offer a wide range of fencing services to customers across South Wales whether you are looking to completely replace your current fencing or require a repair.


MST Home Improvements install all types of fencing from treated feather-edge and panels to picket. If your unsure of which type of fence is the best option for you please view our services page or contact us and a member of our team can help advise on the most suitable option. 


If you want to prepare for the winter and ensure your fencing is secure contact MST Home Improvements now for a free quotation.

Autumn / Winter

Where has the year gone?

With the Autumn and Winter months quickly approaching now is a great time to book to get any landscaping work completed ready for the winter months! 




Don’t want to end up with a boggy mess, muddy paw prints or any unusable garden this Autumn?


Want to be prepared for spring to plant your flowers?


Want your garden accessible all year round?


Just moved and your garden in need of some serious TLC?


Need to replace your fencing ready for possible harsh winds / rain?


If any of these apply let MST Home Improvements help!



MST Home Improvements work all throughout the year and are not afraid of a bit of rain! MST Home Improvements can help our customers decide on the best option for them and one that suits their budget to avoid a boggy garden this winter!



Just a few ideas to help!

Like the look and colour grass adds to your garden but hate the mess that comes with it in the Winter? Ever thought about artificial grass? – MST Home Improvements install artificial grass ensuring the ground is prepared to avoid a soggy, boggy mess!


Fancy spending those cold winter nights sitting in an outdoor hot tub but have no where to put it or need some shelter? – How about some decking or a pergola? MST Home Improvements install decking and pergolas to suit the clients preferred shape and size – fancy a balustrade we can add that too!


Enjoy being outside even in the winter sat around a cosy fire pit? – How about a new patio to put your seating on? MST Home Improvements install patios to meet all customers need and preferences and help provide a selection of beautiful patios to choose from!


Does your fence look defenceless against the impending winds that come with winter but need that security? MST Home Improvements install fencing to suit clients needs whether you prefer feather edge fencing / panels etc. MST can help!


Looking forward to growing flowers but nowhere to plant them yet?  How about some raised sleeper beds? MST install raised sleeper beds (made to measure) and can even include some integrated sitting! 



Check out our services to see how MST Home Improvements can enhance your garden or give it a complete makeover this Autumn / Winter ready for Spring.


Check out our gallery if you need that bit of inspiration! 





Vale Show 2018

Well its the day after the Vale Show and all we can say is what a brilliant day!


Thank you to all that came and visited us to look at our Garden Furniture and to book in quotations for landscaping work!


It was lovely to see some customers we had already provided landscaping services for in The Vale of Glamorgan and their positive feedback! 


It was also wonderful to have such fantastic feedback regarding the quality of the furniture we had on display and look forward to creating the made to measure orders!


We have pre-made furniture available to buy now! Save yourself even more money on these introductory prices by purchasing one of the items we pre-made to display at the show! – Please see our Shop for introductory prices and dimensions of products!


Display Furniture Prices:

Picnic Bench – £177.99

Planter Bench – £159.99

Sleeper Bench (with back) – £119.99

Chunky Sleeper Table – £203.99

Chunky Single Sleeper Bench – £34.99


Delivery Charges to within Vale of Glamorgan & Surrounding areas – £15.00






Latest Project – Pic’s coming soon!

MST Home Improvements have been working hard over the past week to transform a garden in St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan we cannot wait to see the end result and share the pictures!

MST Home Improvements have installed a very large decking area including handrails, raised sleeper bed and are in the process of laying a patio in ‘Promenade’ Classic Sandstone – its going to look fantastic – Pictures to follow soon!!