Artificial Grass this Winter?


MST Home Improvements install artificial grass to customers throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and surrounding areas.


So why choose artificial grass over real turf?


When people think of ‘fake’ grass the not so appealing astro turf generally springs to mind. With the demand for artificial grass becoming more popular the range has grown rapidly and the styles on the market now not only look like but feel like the real thing.


Installation of artificial grass is a quick process and if installed following the correct process can have a number of benefits compared with real grass.


With artificial grass you have an immaculate lawn all year round without compromising the look and texture of real grass.


Artificial grass is more durable and after the initial installation costs can save money in the long run.


Real grass can suffer in the hot summer months and can become straw like and yellow in colour. Artificial grass requires no watering therefore will reduce water bills and eliminate the time spent watering real grass to keep it looking good.


During the summer months our lawns can develop bald patches which gradually turn into muddy patches through constant use whereas artificial grass you needn’t have this issue.


Fed up of having a boggy, waterlogged mess of a lawn in the winter months or fed up of cleaning muddy footprints? Then artificial grass is an ideal solution for you! Not only does it eliminate muddy footprints but also saves time spent maintaining your lawn.


There is no need to mow the lawn, is easy to clean and pet friendly therefore no need to juggle your responsibilities.


If you are considering artificial grass for your garden MST Home Improvements can help. Please check out our latest artificial grass projects in our gallery or contact us now to book an appointment for a free quotation!